Social Media Mayhem

Times are a changin. And with certainty, they will continue to change until, well, you die.

Your laptop was once a typewriter. Your tiny cell was once a huge wooden box mounted on the wall. Your car, whether a mammoth SUV or tiny hybrid, used to be a horse drawn carriage. Your email was an elegant letter on scented parchment. And your daily Skyp sessions were once conversations warm face to warm face.

As for books. Twenty years ago stories were written by an author, then submitted to an editor for approval. Said story was then published and marketed by the publisher. The author happily moved on to the next project.

Today, with publication in an exciting upheaval and transition where publishing houses are cutting budgets, employees, and marketing packages combined with the explosion of e-reader and e-book publication, an author/writer is left to do much of the marketing of his/her work.

There are many ways one can accomplish this goal; media, book tours, adds, interviews, and last but certainly not least, social media outlets. Social media outlets are the most inexpensive and wide reaching of them all, unless you have an in with Robin Roberts and can land an interview on Good Morning America.

Social media includes, but is not limited to; blogs like Blogger/Wordpress, social news like Reddit/Newsvine, social networks like Twitter/Facebook, social bookmarking sites like Google Reader/Citeulike, social event sites like The Hotlist/Upcoming. And the list goes on and on.

The question is, with all of these social marketing tools necessary to help market a writers work, how does a writer even have time to write?

And the answer is obviously, balance. Balance and Hootsuite! Major thanks to a friend who directed me to it last week. While I’m still a new to the site it is a major time saver where social media is concerned.

Hootsuite is a social media dashboard for your online brand management. With Hootsuite I can sync all of my social media outlets to one site. I no longer have to hop from my Twitter account, to Facebook, then to my blog, and maybe Tumblr. No, I login to Hootsuite and can view all of my pages securely for that one dashboard.

Since times will continue to change, we as writers have two options. We can adapt or, well, I don’t even want to say or think about the other option.

Good luck adapting!


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Hello world!

On this day, when many begin their web protests against censorship, I take my first tentative footsteps into the web world. A child really, testing the temperature of the vast ocean. The ocean is overwhelming, yet inspiring.

Hello web world! My name is Megan and I would like to invite you along on my journey. A lowly unpublished woman with big dreams and a work ethic to drive them on toward reality.

My goal was to write a novel, something worth reading with danger, suspense, and passion. Check nearly two off the list as done. My goal now is to become a published author, to grow readership through honest relationships and hard work, and finally to (one day) become a best selling author.

They say, you can’t meet your goals if you don’t know what they are. So, there are my goals. What are yours?