Books, I Miss You!

Listening to audio books is not reading.

I love reading. But lately life and dream reaching have gotten in the way. Between writing, website construction and launch, raising of a three-year-old, nurturing of animals (two dogs and a horse), husbandly devotion, and a little me time my books have gotten lost.

I love audio books. But I fooled myself for a while thinking that the audio books I listened to on trips and recently during daily travels were enough. They’re not. There is something relaxing and exciting about seeing the words in front of you, be them on page or screen. The act of turning the page is intriguing. The pace you set is powerful; rabidly fast-paced trying to figure things out or slow and steady savoring each sentence, each action.

So, this week I vow to read a book. Now, what to read?


2 thoughts on “Books, I Miss You!

  1. Nothing can replace a real book! The feel of turning pages, the smell of the paper and how easy it is to go back to a page and re-read something that is referenced in a later chapter. Just not as easy with an e-reader. Audio books and e-readers are convenient but they are so impersonal. I do long for a good book, oh heck just give a book to read and time to read it!

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