More Than A Muse

A muse. The voice inside your head. The devil on your shoulder. The spark on the horizon.

My muse showed up one day while I was folding laundry. She barreled into me like a two hundred sixty pound defensive tackle. She scared the hell out of me. One minute I was folding clothes and the next I was plotting a novel. She was dogged. Morning, noon, or night she was there. Shaking me. Pushing me. Freaking me out.

Before I knew it, the book was done and so was she. Sure she’d given me the ideas for the next three novels, but she wasn’t shaking and pushing any longer. Reality set in and scared me all the more. Until I figured it out.

It takes more than a muse to become a successful author.

Too bad, I know!

But look at most successful authors. Sure, they have a muse, but those things are often fickle. They don’t rely on a muse. Successful authors know their craft and continually study to improve. They are goal oriented, determined and above all hard working people. They surround themselves with people who believe in them and shut out the nay sayers.

Above all, they are prolific.

So writers, write and write and write with or without your muse.


6 thoughts on “More Than A Muse

  1. You are right, Megan, a muse is a fickle thing, but jealous and selfish, too. Kinda like an evasive, evil butterfly. But if you go to work without her, start hammering those keys, she’ll show up.

    Writing is work. If it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be so many rejections, so many slush piles, so many unfinished manuscripts.

    Your site is so pretty and fresh and uncluttered, like your voice. Glad I subscribed.

  2. Oh Sherry, if you keep up with the compliments, I won’t be able to sit at my desk. The weight of my growing head will keep my feet in the air. I’ll be sure to wear killer heels (wink).

    Thanks for commenting. I love hearing about other writers and their muse!

  3. I think I found you through a Twitter follow, and immediately subscribed. Your articles–yes, I went through archives–resonate with my writer’s world.

    Sherry Isaac and I met online at a Margie Lawson course and have become best friends and writing buddies. She’s the one who gets my fingers on the keyboard even when the muse isn’t present.

    I wake each morning with another scene or conversation in my noggin.

    Plot twists and holes? Those are best handled by thinking about them before going to bed or taking a 1311. (SUPER SECRET code: Page 13, Item 11 in Karen Weisner’s First Draft in thirty days–advice for overcoming writer’s block–take a nap.)

    My biggest issue is not so much presence of the muse, but giving her the freedom to go where she will with abandon. My inner editor (Gracie) LOVES to make careers out of sentences, paragraphs or scenes.

    LOVE your site and your bits of wisdom.

    • Many thanks to Brinda Berry for leading me to you, Gloria, and Sherry! I love inspiring and considerate author types and am so glad to meet you both.

      I need an inner editor and an outer one. So, congrats on Gracie!

      Thanks for your kindness! I look forward to your bits of wisdom as well!

  4. Oh Megan, I wish I had had your courage & tenacity! I would have been a writer. I had someone who believed in me but I did not believe in myself and was too afraid to put myself out there. It was also a different world 30 years ago, no internet, Twitter or FB.

    I am so proud of you and am eagerly anticipating the release of you first publication! I know you will be a huge success!

    • One thing I’ve learned, It’s NEVER too late! You have a natural gift far better than I for putting words together to form a beautiful masterpiece. Write a poem as a forward to my book, please!!!

      Thank you for your love and support yesterday, today, and forever!

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