My Confession

Just know the entire time I wrote this post, Usher’s Confessions was running a loop in my head. Well, that and a funeral dirge. The slow and somber tones a New Orleans Jazz Band plays during the procession to the cemetery. Not to be confused with the merry tunes they play during the exit.

I’m a dead woman typing. Marching myself to the slaughter house. And I can’t seem to stop the rapid progression. Has my conscience finally gotten the best of me or is it the thrill of revealing a forbidden secret?

I was going to blog about the authors and characters you love, as a follow up to my previous Who do you hate? post. Then, my thoughts got convoluted by the fact that, if I wrote that post I might be caught. So, instead of being caught I figured I should just come clean. Boy am I dumb!

Prepare your pitchforks, lanterns and stakes.

I confess, I love the library and rarely buy books. Ouch! (Rotten tomato to the face.)

I feel guilty sometimes. Here I am, trying to become a successful author, and I hardly ever buy another author’s books. Damn, that sounds really bad. (I have purchased some of my favorites and some of my “writer friends’ books.”)

But then I think about my reasons and I can rationalize it. First and foremost, the library has a massive collection of books for customers to use, basically, free of charge. Second, I read the book and bring it back for someone else to read. I don’t have to find shelf space for the sucker. I know, I know, e-readers. Yes, I have two, but e-books cost money too. And some libraries have e-readers for customers to check out e-books.

If every library bought a copy of my (not yet published, not yet queried, not yet self published) book, I would be a happy girl! It would allow readers access to my work with little to no cost to them and allow me a little payment for my efforts. And hundreds of thousands of unused books would not sit wasted from disuse.

What are your thought? I’m a total lunatic and cheapskate. Maybe. Okay, definitely.


6 thoughts on “My Confession

  1. This writer is afraid to answer.

    As a starving artist, I love the library, too.

    Purchased print books can be shared. I treasure my signed copies.

    eBooks save paper and space.

    There is room in this book-lover’s heart for all three.

  2. OMG, Megan!

    There. I gave you the shock and awe factor you anticipated.

    I’ll be back when I finish doing the math on the number of libraries who might one day carry my book (when it’s finished and published), multiplied by the percentage of readers who might recommend the book for purchase by their friends, factor in the percentage who purchase, then lend, multiply by…

    Crumb! I need one of Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s whiteboards.

    Or, I could open my WIP and get after it. Your secret is safe with the cyber-verse.

  3. Well my confession is I never use the library! I must possess the book! Especially by certain authors. Some I will borrow from friends but others the book has to be mine! I own an e-reader which I received as a gift but it is not the same as a good old fashioned book. The sound of turning pages, the smell and feel of the pages and then the anticipation of the written words as they leap to life as I devour chapter after chapter of my book that I can do anything to that I want. Dog eared corners, bent spins or highlight a really steamy love scene to share with a friend, the library frowns on those things.

    Since I have an e-reader I do buy some books to read on it and it does have some advantages over real books the biggest being is I can get a new book in an instant. For me that is like giving an addict unlimited access to their drug of choice.

    Then there is audio books which Megan turned me onto so now I can also listen to a book when I am driving in the car or working at my desk.

    So there is hope! I know I am not the only one out there that buys books in one of the many forms. And if nothing else you can always count on me for one.

    • Just one? Come on, family’s obligated to buy at least ten. One for each room of your house, including bathrooms and garage. Plus, one for every car. 🙂 Just kidding!

      I love a real book too! But am a freak about folding corners and even creasing the spine. I need help!

      Books are the new Crack, or at least they should be!

      Love you and thanks for the input!

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