Besides Books

Perusing my past posts, looking for something to spark a new post topic, I found little to nothing under the heading My Life. It made me think. There’s more to my life than reading and writing, right?

Of course, there is. So much more, I’ve hardly got room to fit it all into a single post.

First and always foremost, there’s my precious family. My hottie husband, Jonathan, who’s both a genius (engineer) and too athletic for words (former college pitcher), is my wingman on this crazy ride called life. My three year old son, Summit, is the life of the party, always keeping us on our toes or on our backs rolling with laughter. Next are our furry children, an allergic to everything german shepherd, River, and play obsessed labrador, Lincoln, who keep it real.

Then, there’s Mom, Dad, and my brother, the best anyone could ask for! (Warning: We can’t take a serious picture to save anyone’s life.) And don’t get me started on the extended family with twenty seven first cousins on one side. My family is massive and Catholic, and I love them!

If you couldn’t guess from my blog and website pics, I love the outdoors!!! Hiking, biking, horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking, running, camping, swimming, wake boarding, sailing, mud running and even a little mountain climbing. If it’s outside, I’ll probably do it!

Twenty seven miles in and around the Grand Canyon with a forty pound pack. Oh yeah, I’m hard core!

Seven degrees and a foot of snow, not what we had in mind when we planned this trip.

Tango, the best horse in the world!

Our first Mud Run! We’re doing our fourth this weekend!

I also love Halloween!!

By the way, it’s really hard to hold your golfball baby when you have an alligator head on and your golfer husband is missing an arm! And I couldn’t find the picture of Summit’s first Halloween. 😦 He was a, one week old, Dalmatian sitting with our two other dogs.

There you have it, a little glimpse into my life. It’s pretty darn good!!

What are your non-book hobbies?


6 thoughts on “Besides Books

    • I should’ve added photography to my list of hobbies. I’m not too snazzy with it, but I take a LOT of pictures. Love to capture the moments and reminisce.

      My pups are sooo good, lots of time and training on the front end.

      Thanks for your time and comment! All the best at the meeting this weekend!!

  1. It’s great to get to know the many sides of Megan and family.

    My two yellow labs (Sydney and Molly) say “ARF” to River and Lincoln.

    KUDOS on your many adventures, and please send your abs to me. What? I have to hit the gym and find my own again? Get rid of the winter fluff bunnies that cover them? Curses!

  2. Thanks for the sneak peak into your life, Megan. Don’t know if I’d go hiking with a 40 lb pack, but your pics remind me of a dream to learn to ride. I took horseback riding lessons 2 summers ago, and 8 lessons in my instructor fell into health issues. Haven’t been back. An old goal made new. Thanks.

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