Main Characters Aside…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “I love nature.” For me, there’s nothing more beautiful. Yes, old buildings are enchanting. A couple holding hands is sweet. But few things are as awe inspire as this…


No, pictures don’t do justice to the diverse spectacle that is nature. I hope my words do.

Aside from the main characters’ love story and the turmoil and detours which stand in the way, nature is my favorite thing to write into a novel. I want my readers to feel the wind on their face and the sand in their toes. I want them swept up in the storm or chilled by the first winter snow.

What is your favorite thing to read or write in a novel, aside from the main characters’ story?


6 thoughts on “Main Characters Aside…

  1. I love writing about the seasons and the weather. I’ve been told to be cautious about it. (Don’t start your story with weather, etc.), and that’s generally good advice. On the other hand, for me, nothing grounds you in time and place like what’s going on outside. As a reader, I want to know what the world of the character is experiencing as much as what the character is.

    My favorite thing to read or write about? Emotions! The way people feel, react, and interact with one another! 😀

    Beautiful pics!

    • Great advice. Thanks, Jill.

      Emotions are always fun and, on occasion, difficult to write. Having to get inside your character’s head and live the experience through their eyes can be draining or livening. Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Oh, those pictures. They carried me away to wonderland. I try to get the sense of smell, the feel of wind, the beauty off night skies on the page. But, I like to slip them in with action, character visceral reactions, and dialog. Like back-story. A broken glass with snippets inserted so the setting becomes part of the scene and not just the backdrop.

    Wonderful post, Megan!

  3. Oh, nature. Even in her fury, she is beautiful.

    I like when a book takes me to a different time or (and?) a different culture, educating through entertainment.

    • I love the education that comes from reading a period piece. It’s not history text book boring, but often just as accurate. Thanks for the blog love, Sherry!

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