Sci-fi. Science? Okay. Fiction? I Think Not.

Science fiction, as quoted by Wikipedia, is a genre of fiction dealing with imaginary but more or less plausible (or at least non-supernatural) content such as future settings, futuristic science and technologyspace travelaliens, and paranormal abilities.

It’s in the stories and movies we know, love and sometimes fear. From Spiderman to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Alien and beyond evil-doers and organisms steal a person’s entity or intelligence. They burrow their way into one’s flesh and mind to feed.

Run. Hide. Scream. Still, life will never be the same.

Fiction is the part I disagree with, since I currently have a being growing inside me which feasts daily on my energy and brain cells.

That’s right! I can run, hide and scream. Still, life will never be the same.

My husband and I are happy to announce our science fact. We’re having a baby and making our precious three-year-old a big brother in the month of December!


10 thoughts on “Sci-fi. Science? Okay. Fiction? I Think Not.

  1. Growing a child inside you is simply amazing, isn’t it? It makes you think anything is possible. If I had someone borrowing from my brain cells right now, I’d be in BIG trouble. I’m glad you have plenty to spare. Lol. Congrats to your family.

    • Absolutely amazing, Brinda! Thanks! I’m glad you think I have brain cells to spare. I, on the other hand, know better as the person who in the span of a week forgot eight things…one being the child I already birthed. Yes, Mom of the year! It’s gotten better. Everything is now in my phone calendar with double alarms. Sorry it took me so long to reply. For some reason you got put in my spam folder. Weird.

      • Yes, I end up in spam a lot when I log in and reply through WordPress. That’s why I’ve started using my Twitter ID to reply. I need double alarms to remember to do that. lol

    • Thanks, Tim, for the the visit and congrats! Come back again! I have, on occasion, serious posts about my dramas and thorough education on the journey of becoming an author.

    • Thanks, Jill! Now you know why I’ve been sketchy on blog replies and twitter love. Morning, noon and night-time sickness. But, alas, we’ve hit twelve weeks and there is an end. Thank goodness! I look forward to regular blogging, blog cruising, tweeting and best of all writing.

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