Breaking Radio/Blog Silence

Yes, It’s me again.

I know. I know. It’s been a while. Shame on me!

I could paint you a colorful story about why I fell off of the radar. Colorful story: My crimson robe rustled as the breeze blew across the lake at Osho Ashram. I hear the whisper of leaves, but ignore the green goddess trees. My trance so deep, though is a virgin concept to my mind. The slow inhale and free exhale are all that exist. Only when the Dalai Lama smooths a finger on my palm do I surface. Eyes fluttering open the world is anew. My body slack with peace, I bow to His Holiness in marvel at the meditation and life changing journey he has guided me through.

But the truth is I spent July mashing up play-dough, shooting Decepticons, and reading picture books with my three year old. Sure, I could have been productive while he napped those few precious afternoon hours away. Instead, I napped too or, at the very least, rested. Growing a baby (GIRL!!) in your belly and fighting evil-doers with your son is tiring work!!

Blogging has it’s cons (in the non-Transformer sense of the word): Sticking to a schedule. Inventing fresh material. Yeah, that’s all I came up with because I really like to blog. For me, blogging allows another creative outlet, apart from writing novels. Blogging is almost an instant gratification. You write, edit, publish and almost immediately have feedback. Another awesome thing is the communication blogging allows with peers, family, friends and relative strangers. It opens a dialogue that has enriched my life.

So, here I am breaking blog silence in commemoration of Summit going back to school. Oh how I’ve missed writing and communicating (with adults).

What are you feelings on blogs/blogging?

All the best to you and yours!

Megan Mitcham, Author


10 thoughts on “Breaking Radio/Blog Silence

  1. I’ve missed you!!! So glad you took the time with Summit. These precious moments are far more important than keeping up with a blog schedule! I try to blog once a week, but I admit there are times when I have a hard time coming up with anything interesting to say. My real life is not nearly as exciting as the scenes that play out in my head.

  2. Welcome back! 🙂 Your July sounds pretty great to me! I had a very busy July preparing for my debut release, and speaking of debuts, congrats again to you on becoming an official author! You must be so excited!

  3. I’ve missed you, Gummy Bear. And yes! Scenes in the head are far more dramatic than real life. Thank goodness!! Otherwise I’d be hacked up by a serial killer by now. And you’d be…well this is a PG blog…(sparing all the awesome details) you’d be an addict by now in major need of some spanking (oops) I mean counseling. 😉

    • Thanks Brinda! And now he’s growing into a man. I can imagine the pride, joy, and sorrow it will bring and try my best not to rush life, but enjoy it as it comes.

  4. Grow your daughter, treasure your son!

    Bravo on making a decision you felt you needed to make. Blogging is an important element of my writing, it keeps me connected and keeps me fresh, but my novel is my writing priority. Too easily, the two tasks could trade places.

    Welcome back, Megan!

  5. So happy for you! Both the news that you’re going to have a girl and that you’ve had so much fun with your son this summer. Good for you! I love to blog for many of the reasons mentioned — it’s a great way to connect with people (writing can be lonely without online pals) and it helps to keep the fiction fresh. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Bring on the Decepticons! 😀

    • Thank you! Thank you! I’m thrilled about having a girl. I need a little girlieness in my life, but not too much. No divas or princesses here. And warrior play with Summit was fun/exhausting. He would let you play any time. 😉

      I’m looking forward to getting lonely and writing, then chatting it up with my writer peeps. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a great weekend as well!

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