Triumphs and Tribulations

The great balance of life. Where there is good, evil too exists. Where there is light, shadows endure. High and low. Day and night. Open and closed. Success and failure.

Would you love a world in which the sun always gleamed? Where paths were lined with gumdrops and money trees? Where dirty laundry and used dishes didn’t exist? Where you could eat all the cinnamon rolls you ever wanted without gaining an ounce or becoming diabetic?

I’m not too sure about the sun always shinning because I like it nice and dark when I sleep, but the money trees and all you can eat cinnamon rolls sound great to me.

The bigger question is: Would we appreciate the good, the light, the triumphs, if the opposite did not exist?

Two weeks ago, one of my short stories was selected for publication in an anthology. Squeal, I know! Gum drops rain. Another week goes by and a different short story was not selected for publication. Boooo! Darkness falls.

For several days, I wallowed in self pity. They say, “The only one who stands in your way is you.” Last week, it was too true. Self-doubt was a looming monster in my closet. Luckily, I’m in nesting mode. I cleaned that puppy out. I took self-doubt to Good Will, along with bag loads of outfits I no longer wear.

I allowed the darkness to overshadow the light, when I should have given each instance a moments attention before pressing forward with my yet unmet goals. Floundering is over and work has commenced. Yay!

How do you overcome the tribulations? The let downs? The bumps in the road? And would you appreciate success without failure?

Cheers to your successes! Hope in your failures!


10 thoughts on “Triumphs and Tribulations

  1. Ah, yes. The roller coaster life of an author. Pressing forward is the only way to survive for me. I went through a second dose of massive rejection after my debut release and it was all I could do to get past it. I mean, I was already PUBLISHED… Oy to the vey. The fact of the matter is that rejection keeps coming and I had to learn to roll with the punches. Anyone who tells you it doesn’t hurt or they don’t want to curl up in a little ball and die is a fibber. I was just rejected a couple of weeks ago on one project, accepted on another. The highs, the lows, the ‘what am I doing?’, and the ‘I’m the greatest in the world!’ are all a part of the wild wild. Strap in and hold on. You’ll take off soon!

    • I LOVE roller coasters. The big metal kind that flip your guts into your throat. I should be a natural with the ups and downs of author life. But not so much.

      Soooo glad to know I’m not alone!! Click. Strain. Okay, I’m strapped in and ready for the ride… bumpy though it may be. Hugs Mags!!

  2. I’m sorry your story wasn’t selected. *hugs* I’m pretty sure I know the anthology you’re talking about, and if it makes you feel any better, mine wasn’t among the chosen few either. I can usually shake off disappointments pretty well. I’ve always been a glass is three-quarters full kinda girl. I feel that everything happens for a reason. And now I have this story in my possession still and I can do whatever I want with it. I can submit it elsewhere, I can hang on to it for a little longer and add to it or tweak it. I can walk away from it altogether and start something new. I just focus on the positive things. I know that bigger and better things are around the corner–for both of us! 🙂

    • The power of positive thinking. I should try that more often. Maybe if I stand really close to you and shimmy a little, the P.O.P.T. will rub off on me. Should we ever meet, you’ve been warned. A close shimmy coming to you. 🙂

      In all seriousness thanks for sharing the brighter side, the options, of authordom! All the best to both of us!!

    • Brinda, that’s just my contacts. 🙂 Kidding, I don’t wear contacts. Thank you! And I seriously don’t know what I’d do without the DSRA gaggle. I’m lucky to have found you guys!

  3. How far is the drive from Dallas to Little Rock again? I so want to be part of the DSRA gaggle.

    Your ups and downs mirror mine, and I’m glad you dusted yourself off and got back in the chair.

    I kind of compare life as a writer to a seat-belt reminder sign I saw while driving in Pennsylvania: Buckle up, Next Million Miles

    Replace “miles” with “words” and you have it. And, yes, it was an official state-sanctioned sign. And, no, you and that Brinda Berry woman can’t steal it for a blog (yet). Why? Because I plan to use it for my Glob one day. After that, it will be all yours.

    I post this comment with great trepidation, btw. Why? Because, I wouldn’t put it past Brin to suggest a Million Miles winky-link-dink hop with the idea.

    • It’s yours! Promise. No thieving here. And I’m sure BB has her large list of tech savvy topics to tackle.

      A million words. Man, to publish a million words I’d only have to write 2,857 books that average 350 pages each. Doable? Maybe, if I were reincarnated a few… or five times. Talking reincarnation has gotten me into Sherry’s blog territory.

      Well, Mrs. Richard, I hope you have a wonderfully productive week and may more triumphs come in your future!

  4. You’ve got a great attitude, Megan. Sorry to hear about the 2nd story not being selected, but congrats on the first! And hopefully you can find another spot for your 2nd story. My writer’s experience has been full of ups and downs. It always helps to commiserate with others. Best wishes for a great week!

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