Dreams and Devilish Nightmares

In the last week I’ve gone into labor, been shot by a madman, crushed by a derailed train, dropped my brother from a high banister because I couldn’t hold on any longer (Sorry Lou!), and dodged my mother who kept trying to run me down with a jet ski (Thanks Mom!).

Non of these scenes were plot points for a story. They were all nightmares.

Imagine the horror of running as hard and as fast as you can, desperate to dodge the tons of metal threatening to squelch the life growing inside you. Tears were involved once or twice upon waking to a dark bedroom and pumping anxiety.

But alas, these things were not reality. They were a mixture of neurons firing off in my subconscious mind. Why? We don’t really know, yet.

My husband, in an attempt to calm my worry about all these nocturnal dramas, told me to check this video out about why we dream. It turns out the YouTube channel vsauce has tons of neat topics worth checking out when you have free time (I know, what’s that?) like what if everyone jumped at once, how high can you build, why don’t animals have wheels, and my personal favorite, why is yawning contagious.

So tell me, any fantastic or ghoulish dreams lately? Read any books that made you lift your eyes from its pages in reminder that it wasn’t real, only words on a page?


15 thoughts on “Dreams and Devilish Nightmares

  1. Sheesh! Your intro lines scared *me*. Nightmares can be awful. My recurring nightmare involves a tornado. Probably too much Wizard of Oz when I was a kid! (Or the product of being born out west). Hope your nocturnal imagination gives you a break tonight and you are able to get some sleep!

  2. You sure have exciting dreams! Now I know exactly why you are good at writing suspense/thrillers. Hope you get some restful nights soon. And no, I have no time to watch that channel on Youtube because it sounds much too interesting.

  3. Real life can be hazardous, for sure. But thank heavens for humor. For some the nightmare never ends even after their wake. How grateful I am to be in a state of mind to know the difference. (So far)

    And about the book I have been obsessed over, in my thoughts, “Fifty Shades of Grey”. And I know I am not alone when I say the aniexty, trepidation, annoyance, arousal, and awe of the the authors intent and the ridiculousness amount of severe “play” that goes on is just lip pulling! When I shall read this series again in late October (when my ‘Fifty’ has time to ‘play’) and I shall have much pleasure in keeping count of how much ‘play’ there is. My research is to track the amount out of sheer curiosity. Am I sick and in need of therapy? Well, maybe, but there again that should answer the question of does the book pull you in. Ummm…when you are the author, I say, use everything in your power to make the universe yours so we may join in your journey.

  4. If you wake up fearing your dreams are a foretelling of what’s to come, let me assure you I never had to face the recurring dream from my childhood: Being chased by a lion around a badminton net.

    Although some dream expert might draw a parallel between that and writing a book. A non-dream-expert might even draw that parallel. Like a writer. Like me.

    Since one segment of your nightmares involves delivery of your baby, I wonder if it recurs b/c you let your subconscious (or, conscious) mind gnaw on the “ACK! What if…?” possibilities. Then, the little swimmer within you gives your ribcage a kick and you’re off on another nightmare. Just a thought…

  5. This series of crazy dreams HAS to have something to do with the mover and shaker in my belly and constantly on my mind. The list of things to do before she gets here grows, instead of shrinks, everyday. AAAHH! I suppose the anxiety makes its way into my dreams.

    I need to sit back, relax and enjoy a glass or bottle of red…oh wait, not for another year and three months. Maybe I’ll look into yoga or meditation.

    Glad the lion never got you, Gloria! Keep running!

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