Lions. Tigers. Bears. Oh My!!!

Do you get gooey for a gummy bear? Have a soft spot for The Lion King? A weakness for Tony the Tiger? Yeah, me too.

How about the real things?

If you love to relax with a good book and help out majestic creatures, voiceless and in need, you’re in luck.

Wild at Heart Volume I & Wild at Heart Volume II are available on Amazon! These collections of multiple authors’ short stories captivate the imagination, soothe the soul, and benefit the residence of Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs, AR. TCWR provides a lifetime refuge for abandoned, abused, and neglected “Big Cats.”

Contents Volume I:

A Boy, A Girl, A Tiger  – Cynthia D’Alba 
Storm Haven – Vanessa North
Saving Akira – Candace Sams
True Instinct – Charlene Roberts
Beached – Dustin Stevens
Spirit of a Tiger – Elle James
Sunlight and Solace – Gina Wilkins
Archer Falls – Lauren Smith
Wedding Crasher – Lindy Dierks
Saving Angel – Lynda Frazier
Buck – M Marie

Contents Volume II:

Freedom – Connie Wilkins
Cat’s Rule – Aileen Fish 
Salveje – Anna Meadows
Home by Midnight – Brinda Berry
In the Piney Woods – Delilah Devlin
The Girl and the Puma –  Jane Hansen
Vision Quest – Karis Walsh
Refugee – Lori Freeland
Teens Gone Wild – Margaret Ethridge
Fierce Wild – Megan Mitcham
Heart’s Solace  – Tara Fox Hall


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