Business Card Bonanza

After starting and scrapping three different business card designs on Vistaprints, I decided to hire a professional. Sounds expensive, right? But no, a mere $15 on an Etsy design shop got me a fully designed ready to upload and print business card from a professional in the design business for over eighteen years. Her website and design examples rocked my socks off. Yay!

I like simple designs and already have a logo which I use on my website and would use on my blog…if I were more tech savvy. My criteria to the designer: My logo front and center with my tagline below. Add my website and email, please.

I decided not to include my phone number for privacy reasons.

I was on the fence about adding the genre and types of work I write. After conversing with the designer via e-mail we decided to leave it off. My logo speaks to my avocation and the tagline hints at the types of work I write. (Words excite. Imagination thrills. – tells someone I don’t write technical manuals. No?)

Below are two final options. Sorry, the second one is in pdf format. You’ll have to click on the link to see it. PLEASE, tell me what you think. Anything missing? Too drab? Hate it? Love it? Option one or two?


15 thoughts on “Business Card Bonanza

  1. I like option one because of the splash of colour. It’s very professional-looking. Actually, I think it might stand out even more if the colours were more vibrant. Very cool design, and I love the tagline! 🙂

    • I was also wondering about popping the colors up a notch. I’m glad you like the design and the tagline. (break in typing while she pats herself on the back) Thanks for the two cents! They’re worth four!

  2. I like the gold color scheme. It pops and will stand out in a stack of cards an agent might keep. Also, email me if you want to set up a free Google voice number tied to your email. It’s easy and then you can wait for “the call”

    • Brinda, you’re a tech genius! And I’m soooo (I really had to stop myself from adding more o’s) happy to know you. I’ll certainly put that on my to do list. If I can’t figure it out, you’ll be the first to know. Well, likely second to my dogs. They’ll hear my muffled expletives and know something isn’t working out right. 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for the help!!

  3. Loved the yellow until I saw the green, but… I think the gold is a wiser choice because it makes a statement and stands out. That’s what you want to do, stand out.

    Very professional, Megan. I, too, splurged. When you know the look you want, nothing else comes close.

    In this age of email and websites, address and phone numbers can, and, IMHO, should be kept for serious contacts, and handed out at your discretion.

  4. Uncle Scott and I think the all green looks more sophisticated.and elegant. We found the gold to be discordant to the eye and senses. We love you!

  5. After careful back-and-forth consideration, I vote for the pop-of-gold business card. Both look very professional.

    I, too, love your tagline.I

    I’d love to redesign my own business cards to better reflect my writing style and personality. (Scary thought, right?) However, that’s on the back burner due to budget constraints — both time and monetary.

    There are women who’ve conceived and birthed babies faster than I’ve been able to work out some gnarly plot twists. Oh, wait! You might end up being one of them.

    [Calculating WPM typing speed needed to beat you.]

    YIKES! Off to write…

  6. I like the Green one. I can’t put my finger on why but I feel like the colors work together better. Love you!

    • Four to three. Green is gaining speed. In reality, I want them both, just shuffle the stack and hand them out. But I’ll have to make a decision. Thanks for the input, Boo!! Love you too!!

  7. Hi Megan,

    Well it seems the family is sticking together with the Green and the writing friends are banded with the Gold as I too prefer the green out of these two options. I saw the yellow/gold and had an immediate adverse reaction, mostly likely due to a dark memory from my childhood. After reading through the discussion I get why the Gold might be the better option though. The draw back on the green is that it is so much of the same color which has the potential to just get overlooked.

    The logo and design are so you, awesome! and I have always loved your tagline so now to make you final decision? Can’t wait to get my Megan Mitchum business card!

    Cheers, Love & Hugs!

    • And so, I am where I began…needing to make a decision. Gosh, can’t you people make one for me? I’m the worst about decision making, unless I know what I want. Perhaps neither are “the” card in color. Back to the drawing board, I think.

      In all seriousness, thank you for your input!! I appreciate it! Hugs to you!!

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