Piping Hot Prints

Wild at Heart Volume I and Wild at Heart Volume II are now available in print on Amazon!! These collections of multiple authors’ short stories captivate the imagination, soothe the soul, and benefit the residence of Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs, AR. TCWR provides a lifetime refuge for abandoned, abused, and neglected “Big Cats.”

Please remember, these animals both majestic and intriguing should never be kept as pets. In the wild they regularly roam twenty miles in a day, hunt live game and forcibly defend their territory against encroachers.

Though soft and sleek, they are not made for cuddling. Though acrobatic and agile, they are not made to preform.

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is wonderful. Wouldn’t it be better, if they weren’t necessary? What if circuses, breeders, and regular citizens respected the wild in these creatures? What if people around the world respected and protected their habitats?

Maybe then they would be preserved in their natural habitats for our children and their great grandchildren.

Until that time, TCWR is here providing eight to twelve hundred pounds of meat, habitats, and healthcare daily to the more than 100 “big cats” they have rescued.

Read a book and help out a “big cat” at the same time. 100% of the proceeds go to TCWR to aid in the care and feeding of their rescues.


4 thoughts on “Piping Hot Prints

  1. I will purchase two of the YA print versions — if not more. One to donate to Westlake Academy and another for my granddaughter for Christmas. Thanks, Megan, for the heads-up on availability of a print version.

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