Happier. Healthier. A Better Writer.

I am happier, healthier, and a better writer when I work out.

There is a magical endorphin rush that courses through my body when I put it to WORK! The burning of muscles, drip of sweat, and rapid increase of oxygen intake set off the spark and ignite a bomb. It ripples out through my universe in an easy smile, increased energy, and better health.

Want to feel better? Write better? Live longer? Live happier?

Go for a walk. Walk father tomorrow than you did today. Walk faster than you did the day before. Ride your bike one mile. Increase speed and distance with each day. Move some weight. Set goals. Meet them and set new ones. Yoga. Swimming. Hiking. Whatever it is, get up and move! Your body will thank you.

I leave you with a little motivation…


8 thoughts on “Happier. Healthier. A Better Writer.

  1. Almost always makes me feel better when I get out and do any type of exercise. The first step out the door is the hardest!

  2. Yes, yes, yes on the benefits of exercise, Megan. I feel better about myself and my day when I take the time for cardio. Other spot specific exercises? I should be using breaks from writing to “take ten” on abs and Jello-jiggle thighs.

    At least I follow Ginger’s advice and do ten squats each time I take a PP break. 🙂

    Off now to plug in the tape I purchased for FAB ABS in ten minutes a day.

    I have a dress for Nationals that is my litmus test on toning. Spanks be gone!

    Some would question my sanity [it’s okay, many do] if they saw me brushing my teeth. Excellent time for squats.

  3. Are you working out at a CrossFit gym now? If so, go you! I hear that is tough stuff! I agree, it’s good to be active. Hopefully, I will get my butt out of my desk chair and car seat this summer. Lol. Have a wonderful Father’s Day with your family, Megan!

    • I wish I was working out at a CrossFIt gym! There aren’t any close to me. I gymed it up until August was born. Since they don’t stay open late enough, at the moment it’s me, a pull-up bar, some weights, and the great outdoors.

      • Well, good for you! I admire your discipline. Personally, I like the idea of staying fit outside better than the gym anyway. Happy Saturday!

      • Thanks, Megan! We’re heading down later today to Udvar-Hazy Center (air and space museum, DC) for its “Become a Pilot” family day. Should be fun. Enjoy yours!!

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