Man Candy on Writers’ Retreat

Got your attention, did I?

This past weekend I had the pleasure of retreating. That’s right. I, with leaky eyes (first time leaving the littlest), left the kiddos and hubs behind and high tailed it to the lake.


I met up with my Diamond State Romance Author Gals, and we did some serious writing. Conservatively, we wrote upwards of 50,000 words in an evening and one full day. But adding 5k to my word count wasn’t even the best part of the weekend.

Best Parts of the DSRA Retreat:

  1. Sharing tips of the trade :
  • Facebook page status scheduler! (Yep, that’s what that little clock icon is on the bottom left of your status update. *plants palm to forehead*)
  • Writers’ Police Academy hosted by the real Bones, Kathy Reichs
  • Sisters in Crime; become a member and receive a discount to the WPA
  • Ted Talks
  • Noteability app for editing

2.  Cutting up with eleven other diverse and ridiculously talented ladies


3.  My boyfriend Hank. I had him eating out of my hand all weekend long!

Hank    4.  Authors’ inspiration files show and tell. Being a relative newbie, I had no idea one   could, in the name of research and character development, collect images of gorgeous MEN people and places in electronic form as a tool to call upon while writing. I’m still struggling with what to name my file; Elysium, Man Candy, WOW…

And at last here’s a little Man Candy. Meet Baine, the hero from my novel in progress. I put in my inspiration folder yesterday. What do you think?

BaineBaine 2


5 thoughts on “Man Candy on Writers’ Retreat

  1. Oh Baine. You are so not the bane of my existence. lol. Sounds like the retreat was fabulous! There’s nothing better when you need to recharge, re-energize, and rev up the creativity! I’ve decided to crash the next retreat, just fyi. 😀

  2. It was such a great weekend. The best part about these weekends is the bonus take-away. I plan to get the words in, and I love sharing & collecting tips and tricks, but I forget how valuable the laughter and quips and general chatter can be. It really was a weekend to recharge.

    Of course, I made sure I stayed far away from Hank. *shudders*

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