Happy October!

I LOVE summer. Sunny clear skies warm the very core of my being. I can’t help but smile, and sweat in June, July, and August. Heat and humidity melt me into a giddy puddle. But there is one month which follows a close second to the precious summer months…



That magical time of year when the colors of the earth morph from green to a brilliant array of reds, yellows, and oranges. When adults become kids again for the most fleeting of moments, dressing in wacky whimsical ways to entertain. When ordinary homes become haunted dwellings of tricks and treats. It’s also the time of year when I turn one year older, and perhaps, a little wiser. Maybe that’s why I’ve always ignored the other millions of people who have birthdays in this month and thought of October as my month.

So, I’d love to share with you a few of the things that make October special for me.



Jack-O-Lanterns & Pumpkins…



New Friends…


Sweet Treats…


Thrills & Chills…

What is your favorite month or favorite thing about October?


5 thoughts on “Happy October!

  1. Heat and humidity melt me into a giddy puddle. You lost me with that one, Ms. Mega. Heat, humidity, melt and giddy in the same sentence? This transplanted Yankee finds that a bit oxymoronic. No. I’m not calling you a moron…

    Moving right along. I love October, too. For me, it’s bittersweet in terms of fall foliage. I so miss the dollops of orange, raspberry, and lemon sherbet that dressed the hills in Pennsylvania. In Texas, it seems Autumn lasts one day. Green, brown, ker-plunk, rake.

    My reason for loving this month? It’s the longest window of time before debilitating summer heat returns. My puddles are not giddy.

    My very most favorite month? DECEMBER! I decorate the house by Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the shiny baubles of my many trees (eight – just like Santa’s reindeer) for at least a month. They aren’t all full-sized.

    HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday month!

    • Eight trees! WOAH! Talk about a MERRY Christmas. As happy as I am, I’m apparently not that jolly. You can have December. I’m keeping summer and October. 😉 Does this feel like a divorce settlement to you? Promise, it’s not.

  2. Well, I’m gonna have to go with January as my favourite month. Not only is it MY birth month, but Ellen, Oprah, Betty White, and Justin Timberlake share it with me. Which essentially makes it the COOLEST MONTH EVER. Quite literally. 😉 Also, I kind of love winter. I know that makes me a giant freak, but I am Canadian after all, and winter takes up like half the calendar year. I love tobogganing down a snowy hill, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, curling up by a roaring fire with a steamy book, and I even love the crispness of the frosty winter air as it fills my lungs. Oh, and hockey. Love me some hockey.

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