Lunch with Maya Banks, Farrah Rochon, Winnie Griggs & Amazing Readers!

November 16th I was luck enough to attend Baton Rouge’s local RWA, Heart of Louisiana’s Fall In Love with Romance annual luncheon. Having already made the trip for a fabulous wedding shower, I decide to make a day of it in LA and see what kind of trouble I could get into. Turned out the readers, authors and HeartLa were more than happy to oblige.

I walked into the beautiful banquet hall at Juban’s and author Winne Griggs invited me to sit at her front row table with five other readers, a wonderfully supportive husband to one of those lucky readers, and author Farrah Rochon!! They enveloped me into the fold and we got to know one and other a bit. Before long Heart of Louisiana’s President, Nancy Brandt made welcomes and introductions, then Farrah took over as emcee.


Introducing…#1 New York Time & USA today bestselling author Maya Banks! Bless her heart! Maya suffered a pitiful case of motion sickness from an extremely bumpy flight on a tiny aircraft. Despite it and her confessed abhorrence of public speaking, She stood before a room of one hundred plus people and spoke, first of her love of reading. How she’d read the thirty or more books she check out of the library each week as a teen. Maya shared her go-to books for the perfect re-reads. Most of all, she shared her love and appreciation for readers.

We all know without readers, writers’ stories would not live. They may be written, but without someone to read them, to love them, they’d be wasted.


Winnie Griggs is the Vice President for the NOLA Starts RWA chapter and writes small towns, big hearts, & amazing grace. Check out her latest book A Family for Christmas!


Farrah Rochon is active in the SOLA RWA chapter and writes sexy, sassy, contemporary romance. Check out her latest book Runaway Attraction!

And there you go…a little something for everyone! Plus, the food was delicious, the door prized plentiful, and I had a blast at the multi-author book signing after. Jealous? Check it out next year!

Absentee Blogger. Present Novelist.


Life is a balancing act. Sometimes, you’re on the high wire with a marble wobbling precariously under the balls of your feet. Others, you’re the picture of elegance, the stack of books sitting primly on your head as you waltz through a maze.

Most of the time, I’m somewhere in between. Maybe a waitress with five tables, plates stacked on my tray, hustling back and forth, remembering orders, making people smile…until I mess this guys two eggs over-easy with the lady down the way’s egg-white omelet.

Lately, my blog has been the eggs. Oooops! But hey, I’m rocking’ my five other tables!

House cleaned, laundry done? Check. Kids fed, played with, loved, happy? Check. Hubs fed, played with, loved, happy? Check. Dogs fed, played with, loved, happy? Check. Novel in progress collecting a fabulous daily word count? CHECK!

So, I’m writing and taking care of my family. What have you been up to?