Ancient Zimbabwe

My stories set in Africa are set firmly in the present, but the country’s rich history intrigues me! Let’s step back in time for a moment and discover a bit about ancient Zimbabwe.

In the eleventh century the Shona people began work on an elaborate city and palace for its royalty. Rock upon rock they stacked the earth five meters high in some places. After its abandon in the fourteenth century the city feel to ruin, but was adopted as a national monument know as Great Zimbabwe and hailed as a symbol of achievement for the African people.


I adore a good painting. Heck, even a bad one. Did you know Zimbabwe is home to over fifteen thousand known rock art sites. Dating back nearly two thousand years many of the depictions of primitive man and beast are protected in reserves.


These two are on my bucket list. How about yours?

Move and Grove Z Style

After our stint in the Wild West, it’s back to Africa.

Zimbabwean music ranges from Reggae to Gospel and hits most every style in between. But nearly every one can trace its roots to the folk music of the country’s early inhabitants who’s musical prowess centered around the hosho, mbira and ngoma drum.


MbiraGJovens Tundandji e batuques ngoma