Head in Hands

That moment when you think you’re so clever with your novel title, and then you find out it’s not only an 80’s movie with a very scary scaly guy, but it’s already the title of a book!


I’ll just tack that subtitle next to it and call it good! Enemy Mine: A Base Branch Novel


4 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. Brilliant, I have found out also that the ‘None too few’ number of security code words(required to set up accounts) employed by my good self; have been ascended.
    To actually write a book, title it; only to have it gazumped by some previous pretender must be devastating. My heart weeps for you. Perfect statue for the the situation.B

    • Hers is actually published already. Mine is due out in October. So, I’m the pretender. But not really. 😉 Do you know how many books are published under the titles Wild at Heart and Hangman? Tons. It’s alright because they’re all unique. Thanks for the commiseration!!

  2. Don’t fret. Almost every one of my titles has a doppelganger. Even Inamorata. Don’t sweat it. You are the clever, creative girl who wrote THAT book, and that’s all that matters.

    • Thanks for the back pat, Mags!! The only reason it was a palm to face moment was because I looked it up on Amazon (under books) when I though of the title and there were none. Oh well. Great minds and all that!

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