This weekend I got absolutely blissed-out (overwhelmed by a sense of happiness) with a scenic view, sunshine, my story, and friends. Take a look…




Oh yeah, there was wine too.

I was lucky enough to be locked inside a house with eleven other authors for a weekend. We laughed. We worked. We ate. We watched the sun turn the sky into a marble of yellow and red. And maybe, we drank a little.

Here I sit, Monday with a newly completed manuscript and the lingering haze of euphoria. There’s not a one of us who wouldn’t rewind the clock and do it all over again. Until next year, DSRA Retreat!

I’m curious…what gets you totally blessed-out?


4 thoughts on “Blissed-Out

  1. Sometimes after waking in the morning, with just a sense the sun is shining; I rise for breakfast to find that indeed, it is a glorious morning.
    My original plan for the day was to begin a painting depicting a seaside aspect, but once I install some classical music and open the studio up, the sun is begging me to stay and sit.
    The music wafts throughout the courtyard and much like ‘Out of Africa’ where music carried across the plains, I sit and listen, waiting for that special memory or a vision of something new to carry me on to work.
    This is the time that poetry begins to invade my life once again. No control over it’s coming and going, just a slave to the beauty of it.
    Sitting in the sun, music playing gently with only a zephyr to keep me company, and writing poetry that may never be shared. Now that’s blissful!B

    • Just beautiful, how often creativity flows from nature. That vision certainly has me jonesing for a fresh canvas, some paint, and sunshine! Best of luck with your paint and poetry!

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