Dinner with Author James Bradley

Okay fine, it wasn’t quaint seating for two. BUT there was food and the New York Times Bestselling Author, James Bradley. AND I wore heels! As a stay at home mother/full time writer I spend my days (early mornings and nights included) talking to little/imaginary people. They don’t care what I wear. So, athleasure (as my husband calls it) it is. At least at some point in the day I will actually work out.


Back on track — the dinner and distinguished speaker.

Some author are exceptional writers, but get them at the front of a room and prepare to snooze. James Bradley stepped up to the podium, yanked people’s attention from dessert, and held it in his able grip for forty five minutes.


James began his journey to authorship looking into his father’s past. You may not know John Bradley by name, but you know his heroics. He is the first soldier on the left side of the American flag, raising it atop Iwo Jima.


Listening to James Bradley tell the tails of these men’s heroism among great tragedy and horror stirred the crowd. Tears and pride flowed for our great soldiers past, present, and future. He also spoke of peace and our need as a society to promote understanding between cultures. Here! Here! Mr. Bradley.

If you have a minute, check out his website and the James Bradley Peace Foundation. He wrote Flags of Our Fathers, Flyboys, and The Imperial Cruise.


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