Happy Halloween Flash Giveaway!!


All Hallows Eve is by far my favorite holiday!! I mean there is candy, obscene amounts of fake blood, screaming, and make-up. What more could a girl ask for? Above is part of my ghosty girl costume from last night. Tonight the fam is going classic: Skeleton, Mummy, Ghost, and Zombie.

When I update this post tonight or tomorrow–depending on my candy coma–I’ll choose one commenter to win a digital copy of Enemy Mine!!

Tell me what you love or hate about Halloween. Just FYI, if you hate it, I’m not picking you. Just kidding!! Muahahahahaha!!!

Have a fun and safe Halloween kids!! Check you later with a skeleton costume and a winner!!


And the winner (chosen by random.org) is….Mary!!

6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween Flash Giveaway!!

  1. Looking a little ‘Alice Cooper’ or ‘Kizz’ there Megan, and that is a scary thought.
    Nice to read of the family taking the classic route, one doesn’t want to go off the rails and look tacky.
    However I thought skeletons were out of favour given that their disguise is so poor, you can see straight through them. Boom Boom!
    Attempted humour aside, Halloween provides a great platform for people to free themselves from this suffocating world of rules and regulations. Seeing children being allowed to be frightened and squeal with delight. Adults of the finest upbringing, dropping their perfected image just for a while so as a glimpse of their true character shows. Grannies making utter delinquents of themselves and forgetting their status as the kind and generous elders, only to be replaced by horrific blood-spattered masked monsters.
    Halloween is more than just a mask and a fright, it serves to remind people that, whilst the world is a serious and sometimes un-forgiving/ cruel place, laughing in the face of adversity and the things that we fear, can be an empowering experience.

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