What is Love?

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Today half of the world celebrates the mystifying concept that is love with sugar-rushes, roses, and other romantic gestures. A quarter ignores the notion and all it entails. And yet, another quarter drinks to love’s elusiveness.

On a daily basis I write about fictitious couples falling in love. But what is it really?

I’ll give you my top five answers, and I’d love for you to share one of yours. I’m giving away a digital copy of Enemy Mine to one luck commenter!

Love is…





An Adventure

MM_026Happy Valentines Day, whether you’re drunk-on-love or just plain drunk!!!

– Megan

Megan Mitcham

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Cover Reveal Time!!

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Yep, I’ve been illusive for the past couple of month. Minimal giveaways. Even more minimal social media posts and comments. But…I have a good excuse. I’ve been finishing my April release, For All to See, and a possible surprise release shortly there after. 😉

For those die hard Base Branch lovers, not to worry! Danger Mine is next on tap. I’m so excited for Khani to get a story all her own.

Before we part, I hope all is going well with you!! And I’ll leave you with prizes. Here are the covers for The Bureau Series!!!

(eBook AMAZON) For all to see, 1563x2500

APRIL 2015

For All to See – Bureau Novel 1

Pristine waters and purified evil.

Two by two, dark-haired beauties vanish only to reappear as hanging, plundered corpses. The Virgin Islands boast diamond-white beaches, lush green mountains, a rich cultural heritage—and a brutal killer.

Three years on the “Field-Dresser” case and Special Agent Nathan Brewer is days away from catching the bastard—if he can convince a certain brunette to trust him. Only the woman is more likely to take a casual stroll on the surface of the sun.

After fleeing her troubles in the United States for the quiet life of a school teacher on the island of Tortola, Madelyn Garrett never imagined she’d be fixated upon by pure evil.

In a fight for her life—with a dwindling number of friends—she must rely on her cunning and Nathan’s skills for survival.

(eBook) For all to see, 1563x2500


Painted Walls – Bureau Novel 2

Deadly daddy-issues.

The Blood-Red Killer, America’s most notorious serial killer, tucked Supervisory Special Agent Ava Shepherd into bed every night with a bedtime story and a kiss on the cheek.

Thirty years after his apprehension, Ava—still running from his memory—becomes the prime suspect for a murder eerily similar to the ones her father committed all those years ago. Shattered by the accusation, Ava reluctantly accepts former flame Special Agent Kenneth Hunt’s assistance in clearing her name.

Kenneth is on the mend, and though their fling is ancient history, the bruises Ava left on his heart throb in her presence. He’ll help her, but she’ll have to play by his rules.

When the body count and undeniable heat rise, Ava must face the demons of her past and present—or be consumed by them.