Mooches Monday – The First Kiss

cfdde8b0fabcf05c9dd49b3929928e61Do you remember your very first ever kiss? Not the ones your mom smacked on your cheeks before you walked out the door, but THE ONE.

The one where innocence and adventure collided in a mishmash of stomach floating nerves and emotions. The one that didn’t lead anywhere, but just WAS in its perfection.

Yep, I’m willing to bet you remember quite a bit about that kiss. I hope it makes you smile! Mine does.

Mooches Monday

It seems every blog I read from authors lately begins with something to the effect of…I’ve been a terrible blogger, sorry for the silence, do you remember me, and so on. And yep, that’s me too. Between family, fitness, writing, and the other thousand things that eat up a day before it’s hatched, blogging always falls to the wayside.

I had a great idea to do plots and story setting stuff, but those posts took hours to write. The question is, do I want to write books or blog posts? Both, but books always win. Then I had an idea…

What do I love?

Answer: LOVE

Hence, my chosen profession…romance writer.

What’s the first step to love?

Answer: A KISS

And boy, do I love kissing!!! It was my favorite sport in college. And now that I’m hitched, I have someone forced to kiss me every single day. Score!

Mondays from hence forth, I dub Mooches Monday. I’ll post a pic of a kiss and maybe a snippet to go along. And I encourage you to share your favorite kisses!

Feel the love…but not until Monday. 😉  -Megan

red lips isolated in white