Mooches Monday

It seems every blog I read from authors lately begins with something to the effect of…I’ve been a terrible blogger, sorry for the silence, do you remember me, and so on. And yep, that’s me too. Between family, fitness, writing, and the other thousand things that eat up a day before it’s hatched, blogging always falls to the wayside.

I had a great idea to do plots and story setting stuff, but those posts took hours to write. The question is, do I want to write books or blog posts? Both, but books always win. Then I had an idea…

What do I love?

Answer: LOVE

Hence, my chosen profession…romance writer.

What’s the first step to love?

Answer: A KISS

And boy, do I love kissing!!! It was my favorite sport in college. And now that I’m hitched, I have someone forced to kiss me every single day. Score!

Mondays from hence forth, I dub Mooches Monday. I’ll post a pic of a kiss and maybe a snippet to go along. And I encourage you to share your favorite kisses!

Feel the love…but not until Monday. 😉  -Megan

red lips isolated in white


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