Mooches Monday – Kissing Game

Do you like board games? Card games? Video games? How about kissing games? I’m not big on board, card, or video games, but I think I could get into the kissing game. Click on the pic to learn more about the kissing game! I dare you!


Mooches Monday – The Giggle Kiss



These are great!! The moment when you’re too happy to see each other that you can’t stop smiling long enough to kiss …  what a treat!

Mooches Monday – Iconic Kisses

Here’s the first installment of Iconic Kisses because there are way too many for one post.

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Technically two of these aren’t of the actual kisses, but you get the idea. Which is you favorite iconic kiss? A) Princess Bride  B) From Here to Eternity  C) Sixteen Candles

A all the way for me!!!