Mooches Monday – Kisses to You

My 1st Anniversary is only three days away! Nope, not my wedding anniversary. My publishing-aversary. It’s been a year full of hard work, big ups, and a few downs. I had no idea what to expect, but it’s safe to say it, my readers, and my characters far exceeded my hopes. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy, ready a book, told a friend about my books, fell in love with my characters, left a review, and came back for more. Without you my characters would live, but they wouldn’t have life.

As a big mooch to all of you, I’m hosting my first ever sale on all the titles I own from October 1st-October 31st. I’m also giving away 1 $50 & 2 $25 Gift Cards sign-up at (If you’re already a part of my newsletter you’re already included!) Check it out and tell a friend!!

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