Mooches Monday – Life Goals


We spend so much time and money trying not to get old, but isn’t that the goal? As my mom always says, it sure beats the alternative. Remember we will be fortunate to grow old. Here’s to our good fortune!

Mooches Monday – Um, No!


I love mooches as much–probably more because I’ve dedicated every Monday to writing about it–as the next girl, but NO. Did you take a good look at that picture? Hello, I’d like to live to kiss another day. Plant my feet firmly on the ground, or–at least–five feet from the plummet. How about you?

Ryan and Piper get themselves into some death defying situations in Stranger Mine. Learn more …

USA TODAY Stranger Mine, 1563x2500

Mooches Monday – Choose Wisely

Smile Mooches

Be with someone who makes you smile, even when you don’t feel like smiling.


Law didn’t know how to smile. He didn’t want anyone to show him how. Then Magdalena crashed into his life in Justice Mine.

USA TODAY Justice Mine, 1563x2500