Under the Sheets


Today I’m at High Octane Heroes, explaining why I added erotic romance to my repertoire. Are you curious? Be careful. They say it killed the cat…


Out of the Bog

Last week, I had a minor case of writer’s block. Frustrating. Cursed. Writer’s block. I likened it to being stuck in the mud.

I knew where I wanted to go, but had trouble getting my character there. I started and stopped a hundred different ways and in the end deleted all the mess known as dreaded Chapter 19. The mud got so thick and annoying I decided to blog about it because, as unique as we like to think we are, I’m surely not the first or last person to ever have writer’s block.

The comments rolled in! I took each one, read it several times and committed it to memory. The suggestions were vast and varied, like the authors who suggested them. And above all, massively helpful! They were so helpful, the next day I gave Chapter 19 a kick in the pants and swiftly wrote through Chapter 20.

The things I learned: Sometimes you have to let it rest a minute. Sometimes you have to regroup. But most importantly, you have to write! Because as Elle James said, “You can’t revise a blank page. You can revise crap!”

A million thanks to all my author friends for helping me get out of the bog!