Vacation Mooches


Super Cool

With summertime coming to a close I want to hear about your adventures and vacations. Did you come across any cool landmarks such as these kissing rocks? Where did summer take you and your family? Let’s see some pictures and hear the stories!




Call me crazy, but I am slightly–okay totally–obsessed with the back of a man’s neck. Abs are nice. Of course, a great smile and kind, sultry eyes make my heart skip a beat. But that small strip of skin from a man’s collar to his hair line–if it’s nice–drives me crazy! Any crazy places you obsess over…beyond the obvious?

Selfie Love


Our phones and social media accounts are full of selfies taken with our special someone.  This trend has grown tremendously over the last decade. Check out this classic selfie!  How awesome is that? Let me see your favorite couple’s selfie. Drop them in the comments!

The Kiss That Never Was


The kiss that never was is the one you played over and over in your head. It’s the one that was so close to your lips but never actually happened. Do you have a kiss that got away? Was it all for the best or does it haunt you like a friendly ghost?

More Than A Muse

A muse. The voice inside your head. The devil on your shoulder. The spark on the horizon.

My muse showed up one day while I was folding laundry. She barreled into me like a two hundred sixty pound defensive tackle. She scared the hell out of me. One minute I was folding clothes and the next I was plotting a novel. She was dogged. Morning, noon, or night she was there. Shaking me. Pushing me. Freaking me out.

Before I knew it, the book was done and so was she. Sure she’d given me the ideas for the next three novels, but she wasn’t shaking and pushing any longer. Reality set in and scared me all the more. Until I figured it out.

It takes more than a muse to become a successful author.

Too bad, I know!

But look at most successful authors. Sure, they have a muse, but those things are often fickle. They don’t rely on a muse. Successful authors know their craft and continually study to improve. They are goal oriented, determined and above all hard working people. They surround themselves with people who believe in them and shut out the nay sayers.

Above all, they are prolific.

So writers, write and write and write with or without your muse.