Mooches Monday – Summer Series

There’s one thing I love probably more than mooches. Know what it is?

I’ll give you a second to guess…

It’s sunshine and skyrocketing temperatures. It’s ice cream and pool parties. It’s boating and splashing. It’s cookouts and coconut drinks. It’s… SUMMERTIME!!!!

Summertime and the livin’s easy… Well, not really easy, but it sure is fun! In honor of my favorite time of the year I’m doing a summer series of sunny-time mooches. I hope you enjoy!!




Mooches Monday – Life Goals


We spend so much time and money trying not to get old, but isn’t that the goal? As my mom always says, it sure beats the alternative. Remember we will be fortunate to grow old. Here’s to our good fortune!

Mooches Monday – Um, No!


I love mooches as much–probably more because I’ve dedicated every Monday to writing about it–as the next girl, but NO. Did you take a good look at that picture? Hello, I’d like to live to kiss another day. Plant my feet firmly on the ground, or–at least–five feet from the plummet. How about you?

Ryan and Piper get themselves into some death defying situations in Stranger Mine. Learn more …

USA TODAY Stranger Mine, 1563x2500

Mooches Monday – Choose Wisely

Smile Mooches

Be with someone who makes you smile, even when you don’t feel like smiling.


Law didn’t know how to smile. He didn’t want anyone to show him how. Then Magdalena crashed into his life in Justice Mine.

USA TODAY Justice Mine, 1563x2500

Mooches Monday – Hold the Phone

Just a Peck

The deliberate peck might be the cutest mooch of all time! What say you? These two mastered it. #loveapeck

I think Hunter gives Kat more than a peck in Captor Mine, but you’ll have to read it to find out. Learn more


Good News!

TWITTER (light)Megan Mitcham new branding TW-FB-BLG

I’ve been locked in the writing cave for the last month, hammering out the follow up to For All to See, PAINTED WALLS. It’s going really well. I just hit 56k and I have another 20k already written that needs some TLC, but I’ll have it to my editor on time.

While in the deep relations with my work in progress some awesome things have happened.

1) I, along with the other author in the HEART IN DANGER box set, hit the USA Today Bestsellers List! Thank you guys for spreading the word and buying your copy. We raised quite a bit of money for the American Heart Association and hopefully found some more readers along the way.

2) I added SIGNED COPIES of the first FOUR BOOKS in the BASE BRANCH SERIES to an auction hosted by Anna Cade, benefiting our TROOPS! There’s only one day left on the auction and there are tons of great prizes to bid on for a great cause! Check it out HERE!

3) I am a host author for the Night Owls Review Scavenger Hunt, which is giving away the prizes listed below. It’s easy to enter. I hope you win!

01 – $250 Amazon Card
02 – $50 Amazon Cards
07 – $25 Amazon Cards
15 – $10 Amazon Cards
75 – $5 Amazon Cards

4) CONQUESTS: an Anthology of Smoldering Viking Romance (Yep, not my usual writing, but hey, I have to keep you on your toes) edited by USA Today and NYT Bestselling Author Delilah Devlin releases July 14th!

5) DANGER MINE, BASE BRANCH Novel 5 releases July 7th at AmazoniBooks, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, and All Romance eBooks! If you loved Khani Slaughter in the other Base Branch books you’ll LOVE her in Danger Mine!


Base Branch Novel 5

One determined to avoid it. One determined to conquer it. Both on a wayward mission and unable to deny it.

Khani Slaughter has dealt with danger since the day of her conception. After thirty-one years dealing with the bullshit, she knows how to attack it, defeat it, and avoid it. Yet, for some unfathomable reason, she still gravitates toward it. When you’re the head—and sometimes-deadly hands—of the Base Branch, the special operations force for the United Nations, hazard is everywhere. Her personal life, though, is restricted territory for trouble. No strings flings. That’s what she went for. Uncomplicated rolls in the sack. That was all she allowed. Or it was … until the rookie showed up.

Base Branch operative King Street takes danger and molds it to his benefit. Only there’s not much advantage in screwing the boss when regret sends her across an ocean. The desire to make her see him for more than a mistake places his wide frame directly in her path.

He is cocky and way too brash. Not at all what she wants. But when her brother goes missing, he is who she needs. Someone willing to navigate a wasteland and dodge bullets and her prickly demeanor to help rescue her only family. And, just maybe, in the process they can save each other from their painful pasts.

USA TODAY Danger Mine, 1563x2500


More Prize Opportunities

Want more prizes? How about a chance to win ebooks or an Amazon gift card? Okay, no problem! Just follow these blog dates for Warrior Mine, Vail’s story. Swoon!! P.S. I’m on chapter five of Khani’s story, Danger Mine, (July release) and I’m in love!! Will share that cover soon. Yes, it’s just hanging out on my computer, waiting to be seen. But first things first.

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