Mooches Monday – Is it Summer Yet?

Come on Summer Mooches

It’s times like these–cold, blustery, snowy, windy, cloud-filled days–that make me yearn for summer! How about you? Would you rather the cold, under piles of blankets cozy by a  fire? Not gonna lie, that sounds nice. Or would you prefer frolicing in the waves and have the sun shine upon your face? A face that boasts 70 spf, of course. I’d still pick summer!

No matter your preference, you can find both in Painted Walls! Find out how Ava endures having a serial killer for a father…

USA TODAY Painted Walls, 1563x2500

Mooches Monday – On Saturday

Morning Mooches

There is little I love more than an unhurried mooch! Saturday morning is the best time for morning mooches.

If you like unhurried mooches, check out For All to See!

USA TODAY For all to see, 1563x2500