Mooches Monday – Who Do You Love?

skeleton kiss

As long as they treat you with respect and make your heart sing, it doesn’t matter! Love is love. And I love love as much as I love mooches! Look out!

Sloan can’t control who she loves. As a deadly operative, she really should. After all, he’s the son of the warlord who murdered her family and destroyed her home. Learn more …

USA TODAY Enemy Mine, 1563x2500


Mooches Monday – The Words

The Essence of Romance

Love is expressed through looks, words, and then touch…usually. Drop your favorite romance quote in the comments.  What speaks love to you?

Mooches Monday – Library Edition


I’ve always loved the library, but this pic makes me love it more! Mooches among pages and pages. That’s perfection!


Mooches Monday – All the Mooches


Here’s to all the Mooches in store for us this year! I’m a fan of long Mooches. What about you? There are surprise kisses in WHO, the first book in the Stalker Series. I can’t wait of you to read them.


Mooches Monday – Happy New Year

new year

Before the resolutions and leaf turning, there are MOOCHES!!! Happy New Year!!! May your goals for 2018 become accomplishments.


Mooches Monday – Holiday Edition


Wishing you and yours love, health, and happiness this holiday season. And lots of MOOCHES, of course!

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Mooches Monday – Book Edition


With the right book you don’t need a blanket! A fire is still nice though. What good books have you mooched lately? I’m still star-struck by Caroline Keepnes’ Hidden Bodies.