Mooches Monday – Choose Wisely

Smile Mooches

Be with someone who makes you smile, even when you don’t feel like smiling.


Law didn’t know how to smile. He didn’t want anyone to show him how. Then Magdalena crashed into his life in Justice Mine.

USA TODAY Justice Mine, 1563x2500


Mooches Monday – On Saturday

Morning Mooches

There is little I love more than an unhurried mooch! Saturday morning is the best time for morning mooches.

If you like unhurried mooches, check out For All to See!

USA TODAY For all to see, 1563x2500

Mooches Monday – All the Feels


I’m not scared of growing old, if I do it with you.


Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed the one sentence story.


Mooches Monday – The Words

The Essence of Romance

Love is expressed through looks, words, and then touch…usually. Drop your favorite romance quote in the comments.  What speaks love to you?


Mooches Monday – Library Edition


I’ve always loved the library, but this pic makes me love it more! Mooches among pages and pages. That’s perfection!


Mooches Monday – All the Mooches


Here’s to all the Mooches in store for us this year! I’m a fan of long Mooches. What about you? There are surprise kisses in WHO, the first book in the Stalker Series. I can’t wait of you to read them.


Mooches Monday – Happy New Year

new year

Before the resolutions and leaf turning, there are MOOCHES!!! Happy New Year!!! May your goals for 2018 become accomplishments.