Off the Bench

Whether cushy and padded, rough wood or cold metal, the bench provides a place to take a load off. On the sidelines, a player can catch his breath. Out of the rushing action, he can gain perspective and decide how best to proceed. He can watch his teammates and learn from their triumphs and miss-steps.


CC – Philippe Put

He shouldn’t get too comfortable. If he rests too long, his muscles will seize. He’ll forget where he’s been and where he’s going. The importance of winning will become lost in numbness. If he sits too long, he may miss the game all together.

So, in honor of the NFL draft, I’m getting off the blogging bench. This is just the warm-up. I’ve got to get my muscles loose and ready for the marathon of life ahead. I have some big announcements coming.

Until then, here are some things I’ve been blogging about over at The Diamond State Romance Authors. (Those ladies wouldn’t let me warm the bench. Aren’t they great?!!)

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