Mooches Monday – Summer Series



If you adore summer love, sunshine, boats, and boogie men, check out Painted Walls!


Mooches Monday – Summer Series


Don’t have the cash flow for a lavished beach vaca? Make your own getaway in the backyard. Bring a blanket. Food. A bottle of wine. Sunshine. Throw in a citrolnella candle and a steamy book and you have a day to remember!

Mooches Monday – Summer Series

There’s one thing I love probably more than mooches. Know what it is?

I’ll give you a second to guess…

It’s sunshine and skyrocketing temperatures. It’s ice cream and pool parties. It’s boating and splashing. It’s cookouts and coconut drinks. It’s… SUMMERTIME!!!!

Summertime and the livin’s easy… Well, not really easy, but it sure is fun! In honor of my favorite time of the year I’m doing a summer series of sunny-time mooches. I hope you enjoy!!




Mooches Monday – Gone to the Dogs


This made me laugh SO hard!!

Like to laugh? I wrote Oliver and Hunter into Variations and still the friends keep me rolling!!

Decisions split paths. Bad decisions compound and suddenly you are no more than variations of yourself.

Marina Sorensen rots in a prison of her own making. The bars are the thick arms and meaty hands of Brödraskapet thugs who make money selling her body. Her guilt is the unbreakable shackle. Loneliness is her ever tightening noose. Trading her life for the survival of another is her only salvation.​

For Base Branch operative Oliver Knight an eliminate and rescue mission in hostile territory against a brotherhood of brutal sons-of-bitches is another adventure. Downtime between missions in foreign locales with exotic women is worth dodging a few bullets. There is also the sense of duty and pride in a job well done.

He and his buddy, Hunter, rescue Marina and are blindsided by the striking, broken woman who mistakes them for Stronghold Tech. Before they can figure out how she knows about the elite securities team or find and eliminate their mark, the enemy discovers their hideout. Capture would be a fate worse than death and it looms so close Oliver and Marina can french it.

Betrayals meet harsh light and the fun-loving soldier is forced to face cruel reality. His damsel in distress is the one to blame, especially when Stronghold forces show, adding chaos to the kabooms. The dire situation turns deadly and Marina holds the key.

If only Oliver can stop loving and hating her long enough to get the answers.

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Break Out the Short – Mooches Monday


There’s one thing I love as much as mooches. It’s shorts weather! This winter has been long and I’m ready for the sunshine! Summer is right around the corner. What does along with summer and the beach? A book. Check out For All to See.

A killer in paradise. An agent on the case. A beauty caught in the crosshairs. 

Madelyn Garrett thought she’d escaped her problems by moving to picture-perfect Tortola island. But her little slice of paradise turns into a nightmare when her best friend goes missing. She’ll let nothing stand in the way of her search… not even an FBI agent’s dire warning.

After years chasing a serial killer, Special Agent Nathan Brewer is hot on the monster’s trail. When time starts to run out, he must quickly piece together the final clues before the killer brutalizes another dark-haired beauty. But the impulsive Madelyn keeps getting in the way of Nathan’s best efforts to save her life.

With murder on the horizon, Madelyn and Nathan must work together to catch the killer before the white sandy beaches are soaked in blood.

For All to See is the first novel in the gripping Bureau Series saga of romantic suspense novels. If you like twisted mysteries, devious killers, and dangerous chemistry, then you’ll love USA Today bestselling author Megan Mitcham’s sharp-paced thrill ride.

Buy For All to See to keep two steps ahead of a killer today!

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Many Mooches for the Price of One!!

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Sale! Sale! Sale! — 3 Books for the price of 1 — Mega Mooches in Store!!

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Mooches Monday – Life Goals


We spend so much time and money trying not to get old, but isn’t that the goal? As my mom always says, it sure beats the alternative. Remember we will be fortunate to grow old. Here’s to our good fortune!