Family Mooches

Family Mooches.july10

Summertime and family time go hand and hand. Between lazy weekends and vacations there are many of opportunities to soak up time with your loved ones. How do you and yours like to spend your downtime? Out on adventure or relaxing at home?

Sparks Fly

In honor of the 4th of July holiday, this week’s Mooches Monday is all about the fireworks. Ladies, you know what I am talking about. The explosive, show stopping, sparks flying type of kiss. Do you remember the first lip lock that lit up your world?


Mooches Monday – Would You Look at Those Lips!


I love kissing. Have we established that? If not, let me clarify. There’s nothing better than a good, old fashion lip-locking session with a nice set of lips. Nothing! Sure, the big O is nice, but with it comes a massive level of vulnerability. While we’re on the subject of nice lips — and aren’t we always — get a load of these!
Those lips come with a great message too.

Mooches Monday – Kisses to You

My 1st Anniversary is only three days away! Nope, not my wedding anniversary. My publishing-aversary. It’s been a year full of hard work, big ups, and a few downs. I had no idea what to expect, but it’s safe to say it, my readers, and my characters far exceeded my hopes. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy, ready a book, told a friend about my books, fell in love with my characters, left a review, and came back for more. Without you my characters would live, but they wouldn’t have life.

As a big mooch to all of you, I’m hosting my first ever sale on all the titles I own from October 1st-October 31st. I’m also giving away 1 $50 & 2 $25 Gift Cards sign-up at (If you’re already a part of my newsletter you’re already included!) Check it out and tell a friend!!

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