Mooches Monday – Life Goals


We spend so much time and money trying not to get old, but isn’t that the goal? As my mom always says, it sure beats the alternative. Remember we will be fortunate to grow old. Here’s to our good fortune!

Mooches Monday – Um, No!


I love mooches as much–probably more because I’ve dedicated every Monday to writing about it–as the next girl, but NO. Did you take a good look at that picture? Hello, I’d like to live to kiss another day. Plant my feet firmly on the ground, or–at least–five feet from the plummet. How about you?

Ryan and Piper get themselves into some death defying situations in Stranger Mine. Learn more …

USA TODAY Stranger Mine, 1563x2500

Mooches Monday – Who Do You Love?

skeleton kiss

As long as they treat you with respect and make your heart sing, it doesn’t matter! Love is love. And I love love as much as I love mooches! Look out!

Sloan can’t control who she loves. As a deadly operative, she really should. After all, he’s the son of the warlord who murdered her family and destroyed her home. Learn more …

USA TODAY Enemy Mine, 1563x2500

Mooches Monday – Is it Summer Yet?

Come on Summer Mooches

It’s times like these–cold, blustery, snowy, windy, cloud-filled days–that make me yearn for summer! How about you? Would you rather the cold, under piles of blankets cozy by a  fire? Not gonna lie, that sounds nice. Or would you prefer frolicing in the waves and have the sun shine upon your face? A face that boasts 70 spf, of course. I’d still pick summer!

No matter your preference, you can find both in Painted Walls! Find out how Ava endures having a serial killer for a father…

USA TODAY Painted Walls, 1563x2500

Mooches Monday – Hold the Phone

Just a Peck

The deliberate peck might be the cutest mooch of all time! What say you? These two mastered it. #loveapeck

I think Hunter gives Kat more than a peck in Captor Mine, but you’ll have to read it to find out. Learn more