Mooches Monday – Get to Work



I needn’t say more. Whew! Happy Monday!

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Mooches Monday – We Need More…

Old 5

Happy Monday, gang! I hope this day finds you well.

You know what we need more of? Older couples kissing!!! Mooches are not only for the young. They are for the old, the seasoned, the tried and true. I want to see more tried and true couples mooching. If you’re one of those, get out there and get to mooching.

Goodness knows, I don’t ever plan to stop mooching!

Old 2


Old 1

Mooches Monday – Daylight Savings Edition


I am no fan of losing daylight hours. I’m looking at you November 5th! However, there are a few benefits of less sunshine. #moretimeformooches #moresleep #moresnuggles What are some things you like about our waning daylight hours?

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Halloween Mooches…

Honey Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween to you and yours!!!

I LOVE dressing up and partying with friends. I LOVE handing out candy too. How about you? Do you embrace the festivities or close the shutters and hide in the dark? What were you this Halloween?

If you don’t know what the Mr. and I are, do yourself a favor and watch The Sandlot! #quintsandwendyforever

This is Us Mooches

The 2nd season of This is Us started a couple weeks ago and people are beyond excited.  I have heard so much buzz about this show and from the looks of these mooches I see why. This is Us has a reputation of being highly romantic  and leaving viewers reaching for the tissues.  Have you been watching?  Tell me more!


Welcome Autumn


Fall has arrived. The season, if not the temperatures. (Hello, 100 degree Arkansas weather.) With the new season comes so many things to love. There is the crisp autumn air, hypnotizing bon fires, the beautiful colors of changing leaves, and pumpkin everything. You know me. I am a sucker for romance. Fall has a special way of bringing people closer. Bring on the cooler weather, grab your favorite person, and get ready to cozy up. You could also cozy up with a good book.