Vacation Mooches


Super Cool

With summertime coming to a close I want to hear about your adventures and vacations. Did you come across any cool landmarks such as these kissing rocks? Where did summer take you and your family? Let’s see some pictures and hear the stories!




Call me crazy, but I am slightly–okay totally–obsessed with the back of a man’s neck. Abs are nice. Of course, a great smile and kind, sultry eyes make my heart skip a beat. But that small strip of skin from a man’s collar to his hair line–if it’s nice–drives me crazy! Any crazy places you obsess over…beyond the obvious?

Selfie Love


Our phones and social media accounts are full of selfies taken with our special someone.  This trend has grown tremendously over the last decade. Check out this classic selfie!  How awesome is that? Let me see your favorite couple’s selfie. Drop them in the comments!

The Kiss That Never Was


The kiss that never was is the one you played over and over in your head. It’s the one that was so close to your lips but never actually happened. Do you have a kiss that got away? Was it all for the best or does it haunt you like a friendly ghost?

Mooches Monday – It’s Back Baby!

Get your puckers ready suckers!

Why do I write romance? The kisses, of course. Drop by every Monday to see some super sweet lip locks that inspire this author!

P.S. – Happy Memorial Day! Get out and honor our men and women in uniform. #Murph17

I Did It!

I completed my first short story! I must say, I’m partial to novels. But this short story stretched my writing muscles. Telling a story in 4,000 words, one must be concise. No rambling.

Did I mention I love to ramble. For me, it develops the story. You learn the characters and the setting more intimately in novels. But short stories have their nuances. A short story is sharp and quick, enveloping the reader for however brief a time completely in its world.

I made a vow in my last post. So, I also read a book this week! I didn’t venture out this time. I read who I know and love. Linda Howard. I read Diamond Bay and devoured it short time. It made me hungry for more.

Novels or Short Stories, which do you prefer?